By becoming group members, users agree to conduct themselves in the spirit of cooperation, and especially in the spirit of CGN's purpose (to strengthen the food co-op sector by creating community and facilitating the sharing and development of resources among members).

As a member of the group:
• Users can pass along announcements related to co-op events or news.
• Users can post messages to survey the group on topics related to the group.
• Users can ask for references or contacts.

Group members may not:
• Use discussions to solicit or advertise products.
• Post warning messages without reliable sources and confirmation.

This website will be used by many people and though its access is reasonably secure and structured, please practice safe Internet precautions:
• Do not store resources that are highly sensitive or proprietary on this site. If it is important to share sensitive resources, do it directly using private messaging or do it offline.
• Do not engage in discussions that are considered highly sensitive.
• Keep in mind that this group is a public forum and your message will go to all members exactly as you send it. It will be permanently archived on our website.

Use common sense and good etiquette in the group. CGN does have ways of tracking misconduct, and if necessary, we will terminate access to the site. Also, group members' co-ops may have terms and conditions for use of the CGN site, and CGN account managers will have administrative tools to help enforce those terms and conditions.