Deli menu boards

Deli Menu Boards Few aspects of a prepared foods department?s presentation communicate as loudly as the posted menu boards. In full glorious view, your posted menu succinctly conveys the creativity, quality, value and care for detail that you and your staff offer. A well-organized menu board with artful touches and/or some "white space" conveys that your department is efficient and creative. Even if it isn?t. A sloppy board or one that assaults customers with text cautions that your department may be staffed by a bunch of knuckleheads. Even if it isn?t. The best menu boards make you curious about or hungry for something you never noticed or would have otherwise considered. The worst of these make you want to turn your head. So take a step back and look at your menu boards with fresh eyes -- from your customers? perspective! A reminder: Most of these photos represent good or outstanding work. A few photos of substandard or poor work are published (without store identification) to illustrate and learn from. In all cases, the photos are dated and may no longer be representative of a given store?s presentation. Click on individual photos to see them in a larger format and for the caption describing each photo.
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