East End Food Co-op before & after photos of reset

These photographs are before and after examples of key departments at East End Food Co-op in Pittsburgh, Pa. The "before" photographs were taken in January 2004 before the final planning and implementation of our store re-set. The "after" photos were taken in May 2004, before our Grand Re-opening. The improvements included the demolition of our "Bulk plateau" which was a section in the front of our store that could only be reached by a ramp. This area was leveled in order to create a new entrance/exit vestibule, and the bulk department was moved to a more spacious area toward the rear of the store. New produce, deli and perishable coolers and freezers were part of the renovation, as well as a custom-made customer service desk and a new hot foods/salad/soup bar.
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Date Photos Taken: 
Fri, 09/30/2005 - 19:00
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania