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Understanding the ULCAA
by Lynn Pitman

Since 2001, new cooperative laws have been adopted in five states—Wyoming, Tennessee, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin—and introduced in the Nebraska state legislature. These laws do not replace...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
Governance Considerations for New Retail Food Cooperatives
by Thane Joyal

The Uniform Limited Cooperation Association Act (UCLAA) and a variety of state statutes have provided new financing flexibility for organizers of food cooperatives. In addition, these business...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
St. Peter Food Co-op Chooses Flexibility in Reincorporation
by Stuart Reid

St. Peter Food Co-op in Minnesota ­reincorporated under Minn. 308b ­statutes, one of the first state limited cooperative associations (LCA) options, in 2007. They decided to make the change in...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
A Trojan Horse in Our Midst
by Laddie Lushin, Esq.

The Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act (which I'll refer to as the ULCAA or the Act) is a "model" statute proposed for adoption in the individual states. It is a governing statute for an...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
Capital Crunch, Capitol Crawl
by Dave Gutknecht

Creative proposals and inspiring stories illustrate ways to advance the cooperative agenda. That agenda is quite diverse in its programs, but co-ops share a common set of values and principles and...

01 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
Cultivating Policy Support for Sustainable Farming
by Kristina Hubbard

Why should we care about the Farm Bill? Because no other piece of legislation determines the direction of food and farm policy more than this law. In other words, a sustainable food future largely...

01 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
New Support for Urban Cooperative Development
by Staff

CooperationWorks! (CW) and the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) announced on Oct. 15, 2010, a new initiative for urban coopera­tive development. Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.),...

01 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
"Flexible or Flawed" Co-op Laws
by StaffRick Stewart: "Pigs are authorized to wear lipstick"

To the editor:After leaving Frontier Natural Products Co-op in 1999, I enjoyed distracting myself with various non-co-op activities such as...

01 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
Pioneer Market Meets Downtown Troy
by Stuart Reid

Pioneer Market opened on Oct. 5 after five years of organizing. Located in the central downtown of Troy, N.Y., the co-op attracted major civic investment as the only full-sized grocery store in...

03 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
The Cooperative Economy Is Booming!
by Stuart Reid

Six years ago, Food Co-op 500 started with a ­volunteer task force and no staff. NCB/NCB Capital Impact donated some staff time (Richard Dines) to coordinate a round of seed grants and to assemble...

03 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
Co-ops Are Doing It for Themselves
by Phyllis Robinson

On Saturday, Oct. 2, Seward Cooperative Grocery & Deli in Minneapolis was the first consumer co-op to launch the Principle Six Cooperative Trade Movement (P6) to its customers and the larger...

03 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
The Best Job Ever
by Nikla Lancksweert

The following statements were made by pre-teens and teenagers from Philadelphia public schools. Be warned—you’ll be shocked.

03 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
Two Faces of Customer Service
by Mari Roseman

Mike dropped by the co-op to grab a sandwich for a quick lunch. He brought his purchase to the checkout counter, relieved to see the cashier had nearly finished with the customer ahead of him....

03 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
Questioning At-Will Employment
by Carolee Colter

In the previous edition of this magazine (CG #151, November–December 2010) we read about the progress of the Domestic Fair Trade Association in establishing principles for domestic fair trade....

03 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
Flash Back, Flash Forward
by Dave Gutknecht

Events are accelerating. Recently, discussing the early years of many of today's food co-ops, a friend remarked how much faster things seem to be occurring. The pace of change can also reveal the...

16 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
From the Mouths of Babes
by Ava Churchill





17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Keeping Our Principles


Dear Editor,

I was extremely relieved to see a follow-up article, "‘Flexible or Flawed' Co-op Laws," in the January issue of the Cooperative Grocer making the point...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Supporting the Bowers Fund and Co-op Emergency Fund
by Ellen Quinn

Thanks to food co-ops for your support of the Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) Howard Bowers Fund in 2010!  Education and training are essential for thriving co-ops, and the Bowers...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Retail Organic Certification
by Susan Stewart

Based on the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990, the National Organic Program (NOP) was put into effect in October 2002. As rules go, the organic rule, fondly known as Title 7 Part 205, is...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Defending Organic Against the GE Alfalfa Threat
by Robynn Shrader

Members of the sustainable food movement are furious and, frankly, we have a right to be. Last month's decision by the USDA to fully deregulate genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa isn't just a...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Making Your Case
by Mark Mulcahy

Have you had a good idea that you let percolate for a while, shaping and reshaping it in your mind? Then you run it by a few workmates, until you believe it is solid and are ready to bring to your...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Eat Local, America!
by Jeanne Lakso

From Maine to Florida and Bozeman to Chico, approximately 40 co-ops around the country took part in the 2010 Eat Local, America! campaign to celebrate local food and local producers. Last year...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Food Movies Worth Watching
by Carol Spurling

You and many of your co-op's members and ­customers have perhaps seen Food, Inc., King Corn, The Future of Food, and Supersize Me. More than any other movies released in the past decade, these...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Teaching Kids: Food Education in America
by Julie Cross

If you're reading this during store hours, chances are that someone at your co-op is teaching a kid about food right now. Truth be told, it's actually more difficult to avoid teaching kids about...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011
Step by Step, Creating a Cooperative Economy
by Adam Schwartz

From my vantage point, too many dollars flow out of cooperatively owned businesses into investor-held businesses, either in the form of purchases or investments.

Is your cooperative...

17 Mar 2011 #153 March - April - 2011