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Chequamegon: Now Twice the Co-op
by Julie Buckles

At first glance, Ashland, Wisconsin does not appear a likely location for a food cooperative. It is a blue collar, post-industrial town with a modern day strip of fast food...

08 Jan 2004 #096 September - October - 2001
Chinese Delegates Visit San Diego Co-op
by Staff

In an impromptu visit, 18 delegates from China came to Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Co-op in San Diego to learn about issues involving agricultural food quality, with a focus on the co-op’s “...

31 Dec 2009 #146 January - February - 2010
Choosing Healthy, Sustainable Seafood
by Eli Penberthy

Choosing seafood that is both sustainable and healthy can be challenging. Is it farmed or wild? Troll-caught or trawled? Alaskan or Chilean? Healthy or toxic? There are so many questions, enough...

29 May 2014 #172 May-June 2014
City Center Market
by Rebecca Gaspard

In small-town Cambridge, Minn., MOMS Food Co-op opened the doors to our new store, City Center Market, on January 4, 2007. This was just 18 months after learning we needed to find a new home and...

20 Jan 2009 #129 march - april - 2007
Civil Power and the Partner State
by John Restakis

Keynote address, Good Economy Conference, Zagreb 2015

03 Jun 2015 #178 May-June 2015
Clarifying Board and Management Roles in Expansion/Relocation Projects
by Bill Gessner

Many co-ops talk about the need to move or expand for years. Often it is all talk, with a few false starts and little formal planning or action. For other co-ops, an opportunity to...

08 Jan 2004 #083 July - August - 1999
Closing Mountain Warehouse
by Joel Landau

Mountain Warehouse was a cooperatively owned distributor of natural foods, with 1990 sales of $2.2 million. Located in Durham, North Carolina, it serviced accounts throughout North Carolina and...

09 Jan 2004 #037 November - December - 1991
Closing the ‘Gap’
by Mel Braverman

Many cooperatives struggle to find appropriate operational benchmarks and to set challenging yet attainable goals. Without the use of external data to help them understand how the industry may be...

29 Nov 2006 #126 September - October - 2006
Co+op Forest
by Allie Mentzer

During a recent national meeting of our 134 member and associate co-ops, National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) unveiled the Co+op Forest—a unique new program that offsets carbon...

09 Dec 2013 #169 Nov-Dec 2013
Co+op Forest 2014
by Allie Mentzer

The holiday season can be a hectic time of year at the co-op and at home. It’s the perfect time to take a short mental vacation to the remote, tropical Peruvian rainforest, and learn about...

24 Dec 2014 #175 November-December 2014
Co-op Advantage Program: Midwest Stores Cooperate
by Corinne Shindelar

Not a day goes by when the savvy retailer hasn't asked: How will my store continue to compete in an industry as dynamic as natural foods? Smart co-op retailers are looking to...

08 Jan 2004 #086 January - February - 2000
Co-op as Gift
by Dave Gutknecht

I read a lot of co-op newsletters, and by a combination of scanning and close reading learn a lot from them. Obviously, a site visit would be more informative, and a sight by means of one good...

09 Jan 2004 #024 September - October - 1989
Co-op as Store Becomes Co-op as Community
by Mark Goehring

We can no longer (verb)_____ in isolation. Try these verbs: Learn. Vision. Plan. Invest. Be. Then try your own! Nearly three years ago, the board of directors of the Brattleboro Food Co-op...

21 Jan 2009 #117 March - April - 2005
Co-op Atlantic: End of the Saga?
by Tom Webb

download pdf of article

In the winter of 2008 after years of organizational and market struggles, the Consumers Community Co-operative (CCC) merged with Co-op Atlantic (CA). The 17 former...

27 Dec 2008 #139 November - December - 2008
Co-op Awards
by Dave GutknechtCo-op Awards
07 Jan 2004 #107 July - August - 2003
Co-op Awards Given at CCMA
by Dave Gutknecht

Cooperative Service: Gail Graham

26 Aug 2004 #113 July - August - 2004
Co-op Boards and Why We Do What We Do
by Dave Gutknecht

In their efforts to grow and govern democratic businesses, food co-op boards of directors need to look both inward and outward.

My previous two columns discussed the expanding...

21 Jan 2009 #116 January - February - 2005
Co-op Challenged by Member Boycott Request
by Linda Diane Feldt

The views and perspective expressed are our own, and not necessarily those of the co-op members, the co-op staff, or the board of directors of People’s Food Co-op of Ann Arbor Michigan.

19 Jan 2009 #136 may - june - 2008
Co-op Challenged by Member Boycott Request
by Kevin Sharp

The views and perspective expressed are our own, and not necessarily those of the co-op members, the co-op staff, or the board of directors of People’s Food Co-op of Ann Arbor Michigan.

19 Jan 2009 #136 may - june - 2008
Co-op Conference: Getting Out of Hand?
by Dave Gutknecht

Milwaukee in May: over three hundred managers, directors, and others often seen in co-ops were seen here for over three thousand minutes. They enjoyed bowling, schmoozing, dancing...

09 Jan 2004 #065 July - August - 1996
Co-op Construction: Working on the Dream
by Stuart Reid

Once a year or so, I have been writing about the work of Food Co-op 500 and the newly forming co-ops that we support. Since our program began five years ago, we have worked with hundreds of co-op...

22 Mar 2010 #147 March - April - 2010
Co-op Devolution Part 2:
by Dave GutknechtCo-op Devolution Part 2
07 Jan 2004 #104 January - February - 2003
Co-op Devolution: Blooming Prairie, Frontier, North Farm
by Dave Gutknecht

Food co-op trends reached a remarkable turning point this summer in scenarios that accelerated the decline of cooperatively owned distributors and underscored the crucial role that boards of...

07 Jan 2004 #102 September - October - 2002
Co-op Distributors Close: Mountain Warehouse and WholeFood Express
by Dave Gutknecht

Two more cooperative food distributors disappeared in 1991: Mountain Warehouse, a small operation formerly serving a large Southeast region -- that story is related in the...

09 Jan 2004 #037 November - December - 1991
Co-op Education is About Cooperatives
by Bob Schildgen

Co-op education is one of the most crucial yet least understood elements of the cooperative food business and of co-ops in general. At times it seems as if education is merely tolerated because...

09 Jan 2004 #024 September - October - 1989