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The Editor Notes
by Dave GutknechtNew tradition: thanks locally

At the farmers market or a co-op, I'm thankful for wonderful food and the hardworking producers who supply it. And when working I am gratified to be associated with...

29 Dec 2003 #110 January - February - 2004
The Editor Notes
by Dave Gutknecht

“Under construction” assumes multiple meanings when one is immersed in a project. Construction, whether of an organization or, as in my home case, a building, leads to reviewing matters such as...

28 Mar 2006 #112 May - June - 2004
The Editor Notes
by Dave Gutknecht

From rural Indiana to Japan, from Indonesia to Puget Sound, cooperatives are providing answers and a way forward in an environment of increasing challenges. Past issues of Cooperative Grocer have...

24 Apr 2008 #135 March - April - 2008
The Cooperative Model and the Sea

Are not the oceans part of the commons? Survival of both fishes and humans is at stake in managing the harvest from the sea, and cooperatives can support that end. Here is a discussion of some of...

23 Apr 2015 • Endcap Articles
The Cooperative Economy Is Booming!
by Stuart Reid

Six years ago, Food Co-op 500 started with a ­volunteer task force and no staff. NCB/NCB Capital Impact donated some staff time (Richard Dines) to coordinate a round of seed grants and to assemble...

03 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
The Company Store and the Co-op Store
by Dave Gutknecht

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Economic news has everyone’s attention, and retailers must adapt to recession. Success in this new environment will require nimble management.

20 Mar 2009 #141 March - April - 2009
The Commons and Co-operative Commonwealth

The 19th century cooperative movement also originated the cooperative land trust.  Both are part of longstanding campaigns to preserve the commons and the commonwealth against private...

04 Dec 2013 • Endcap Articles
The Coming Wave
by Carolee Colter

As we all know, the baby boom generation is hitting retirement age. Roughly a quarter of the U.S. population was born between 1946 and 1964, and every month a quarter million more are turning 65....

13 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
The Color of Dedication
by Barth Anderson

Stage three-and-a-half means "yellow," and yellow means "go, go, go" in the banana world.

26 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
The Co-op that Changed the South
by David Thompson

It was a small cooperative store on a little-known island off the coast of South Carolina. During the harshest days of the civil rights struggle, embattled black leaders came through its doors...

06 Feb 2014 #170 January - February 2014
The Co-op Empowerment Stream
by Bill Gessner

Our cooperatives are truly empowering organizations, in origin and in practice, in vision and in mission, in theory and in action. Empowerment can be a simple and clarifying...

09 Jan 2004 #063 March - April - 1996
The Co-op Difference and Capital
by Dave Gutknecht

What distinguishes the cooperative store from other retails will vary according to the features of the particular market the store is in and how the co-op has defined its niche in that market....

09 Jan 2004 #008 December - January - 1987
The Changing Face of Co-op Development
by Stuart Reid

How do you start a new retail food co-op? Can you give me a checklist and a budget? I’ll take it from there!

If only it were that easy. With hundreds of communities interested in opening new...

15 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
The Buzz on Fair Trade
by Gael Orr

Once Again Nut Butter is an employee-owned company. Beekeeper sustainability projects and the establishment of fair trade infrastructure have been an important part of our work at Once...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
The Board's Role in Expansion Planning
by Sharon Lake

At the beginning of 1986, New Pioneer Co-op in Iowa City was thriving. In our 3300 square foot facility, we were setting new sales records regularly, and the store was bursting with merchandise...

09 Jan 2004 #020 December - January - 1988
The Board's Role in Expansion Planning
by Allison York

At the beginning of 1986, New Pioneer Co-op in Iowa City was thriving. In our 3300 square foot facility, we were setting new sales records regularly, and the store was bursting with merchandise...

09 Jan 2004 #020 December - January - 1988
The Board Role in the Accountability Stream
by Marilyn Scholl

Boards of directors are the critical link between owners and management in the accountability chain for a cooperative. If boards don’t have a good understanding of how accountability works or don’...

20 Jan 2009 #130 May - June - 2007
The BIG Scoop
by Jennifer Callen

They don't call me "Binhead" for nothing -- I believe in Bulk! Unfortunately, word on the aisles is that Bulk has reached its plateau -- sales have flattened -- interest is dying...

09 Jan 2004 #079 November - December - 1998
The Big Picture
by Dave Gutknecht

Here is another "big picture" edition, after the previous one's annual survey report.

The new Food Co-op Directory is the most complete such listing available...

08 Jan 2004 #090 September - October - 2000
The Best Job Ever
by Nikla Lancksweert

The following statements were made by pre-teens and teenagers from Philadelphia public schools. Be warned—you’ll be shocked.

03 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
The Assets Picture

A new summary of credit unions and U.S. banks, thanks to the Democracy Collaborative—for data sources, see

19 Nov 2014 #174 September-October 2014
The Assault on Organics

An excellent report, "The Assault on Organics," appears in the current issue of Sound Consumer, from PCC Natural Markets, the Seattle-based consumer co-op: http://...

04 Sep 2014 • Endcap Articles
The ABCs of POS
by Michael Copley

What point-of-sale (POS) system does your co-op use, and how well does it work for you?” “Should we be recording cost of product in our POS system?” “How do you create a...

25 Sep 2012 #162 September-October 2012
Terrible Fix, Farm Bill in "Uncharted Territory"

The nine-month “fix” in the farm bill is worse than nothing.  With the last-minute approval of this compromise, largely without debate, we lost relatively inexpensive yet...

21 Jan 2013 • Endcap Articles
Ten Ways to Democratize the Economy

The Democracy Collaborative continues to issue valuable summaries of current efforts to build economic institutions and policies that will serve communities in a democratic manner.  Gar...

25 Sep 2013 • Endcap Articles