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Ownership Matters!
by Margaret Lund

On September 28, members of Blooming Prairie Cooperative Warehouse voted approval, by 62 percent of the members and 73 percent of the votes, of a proposal from the board of directors to sell the...

07 Jan 2004 #103 November - December - 2002
Owning is the New Sharing

The so-called sharing economy, a model of business innovation based on open-source software and broad participation of a cooperative nature, is thoughtfully examined by Nathan Schneiderman at the...

02 Dec 2014 • Endcap Articles
P6 The Cooperative Advantage
by Aaron Reser

Food co-ops have a unique story to tell. As corporate and privately owned natural foods chains jump into the niche that co-ops created, co-ops need to celebrate our history and grandstand the...

10 May 2015 #177 March-April 2015
Panzanella: Fresh Ideas at Weaver Street Market
by Ruffin Slater

08 Jan 2004 #095 July - August - 2001
Paradigm for a New Economy
by Patricia Cumbie

Nearly 2,800 cooperators from 91 countries converged on Quebec City, Canada, for the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives under the theme, "The Amazing Power of Cooperatives," in...

20 Feb 2013 #164 Jan-Feb 2013
Park Slope Food Co-op Is an Energy Star
by Park Slope (energy advisory committee)

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27 Oct 2009 #141 March - April - 2009
Participation and Democracy Deterred
by Dave Gutknecht

The cover section of this issue offers much on building democratic participation, a struggle with many manifestations—including the civil rights movement, forming new co-ops, and...

06 Feb 2014 #170 January - February 2014
Partnering Locally for a Food-Secure World
by Brwyn Griffin

Food production and water are current issues for many regional planning commissioners who are awake, including ours in Jefferson County, Wash., where The Food Co-op is located. As the price of...

25 Apr 2011 #154 May - June - 2011
Partnering with Customers
by Chris Ryding

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Have we seen the worst of the recession? The answer is debatable and one that will truly be known only in hindsight. What seems safe to say is that the...

02 Jul 2009 #143 July - August - 2009
Past Year Fast Here
by Dave Gutknecht

Reviewing a year that has gone by as quickly as this one has shouldn't require more than a few paragraphs! I suspect that for most readers, daily demands and future plans keep...

09 Jan 2004 #061 November - December - 1995
Patience and Perseverance Yield Success
by David Fowle

For a number of years the board and management of Wild Oats Cooperative, in the rural northwest corner of Massachusetts, grappled with the need for store expansion. Our board of directors has...

20 Jan 2009 #123 March - April - 2006
Patronage Dividends: A Primer
by Bruce Mayer

Update:  for further information see the Patronage Dividend wiki at:

Should your cooperative consider patronage dividends to owners?...

14 Jul 2009 #134 Jan - Feb - 2008
Patronage Refund Systems That Work
by Elizabeth Archerd

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One of the great gifts of the cooperative pioneers is the unique way that co-ops handle profit. Profit. Say this aloud: “Co-op profit is good.” Repeat several times...

27 Dec 2008 #138 September - October - 2008
Pay for Performance
by Karen Zimbelman

Are any of these scenarios familiar to you?

The co-op has just hired a new general manager with the experience and skills needed to help the co-op realize its...

09 Jan 2004 #070 May - June - 1997
Payment Card Security Compliance
by Chris von RabenauDownload a complete pdf version of this article.
26 Jan 2009 #137 July - August - 2008
PCC Cooks
by Diana Crane

For 26 years PCC Natural Markets has offered shoppers the opportunity to learn about the natural foods sold by the Seattle-based co-op through its PCC Cooks program. From its very low-tech...

22 Sep 2009 #144 September - October - 2009
PCC Farmland Trust
by Kelly Sanderbeck

PCC Natural Markets in Seattle didn't plan to start a nonprofit in 1999. But one of its local farmers, Nash Huber, was facing development pressure in "Sunny Sequim," a rare sun-filled valley in...

25 Apr 2011 #154 May - June - 2011
PCC Natural Markets
by Diana Crane

Founded 54 years ago, the nation’s largest natural foods cooperative has survived expansions, closures, changes in member benefits and products sold, and growing competition.

11 Dec 2007 #133 November - December - 2007
PCC Natural Markets Raises the Bar
by Diana Crane

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27 Dec 2008 #139 November - December - 2008
PDF of November 2011 issue
by Dan Nordley

It seems the printer for Cooperative Grocer experienced some unusual difficulty in binding the November issue, and there are a number of copies out there with 3-6 and 31-34 taking the place of 7-...

17 Nov 2011 #157 November - December - 2011
People's Food Co-op Grows a Green Store
by Miles UchidaPeople's Food Co-op Grows a Green Store
07 Jan 2004 #108 September - October - 2003
People’s Food Co-op Manages the Farmers Market in Kalamazoo
by Chris Moore

Last year, People’s Food Cooperative (PFC) in Kalamazoo, Mich., became the operator of our city’s 100-year-old Kalamazoo Farmers’ Market. The city-owned market facilities had...

25 Mar 2014 #171 March-April 2014
Personnel Files:
by Carolee Colter

Personnel files are not a sign of encroaching bureaucracy. Even very small organizations should have them. Beyond providing a centralized, convenient place to store all the records relevant to...

07 Jun 2004 #015 February - March - 1988
Peruvian Percolator
by Dave Gutknecht

Thanks to Rick Stewart and Frontier Natural Products Co-op, I just spent a week in Peru, where Frontier and an allied local group, the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture in the...

09 Jan 2004 #078 September - October - 1998
Pick Two and Call Me Back
by Dave Gutknecht

Businesses providing goods and services often face competing expectations and must balance them. Customers often want it all. 

From years past, I remember a captioned photo hanging in...

29 May 2014 #172 May-June 2014