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New Co-op Conversion Case Study

A new publication provides a very informative look at converting an existing store to a community-based cooperative.  Locate this free pdf at:

09 Aug 2013 • Endcap Articles
New Co-op Market Finds Success in Boulder
by Steve PhillipsTidal Creek Triples Its Size
07 Jan 2004 #107 July - August - 2003
New Co-ops and Renewed Vision
by Dave Gutknecht

Despite a very competitive market, new food co-ops continue to surge, with several new co-ops opening each year. The annual Up & Coming, Up & Running conference for startups, reported here...

03 Jun 2015 #178 May-June 2015
New Co-ops Are Rocking
by Stuart Reid

Every year at CCMA, we recognize the milestones of co-op anniversaries. Over the last few years, we have been fortunate to also celebrate increasing numbers of “birth announcements.”...

22 Aug 2013 #167 July-August 2013
New Cooperatives and New Alliances
by Dave Gutknecht

As before, recognition of changed conditions and thinking outside the co-op is needed. Concerning the economic breakdown, it’s likely you ain’t seen nothing yet. Local and state governments, much...

27 Dec 2008 #139 November - December - 2008
New Developments at Food Co-op 500
by Richard Dines

Third round of funding

The Food Co-op 500 program received 22 applications for funding in its third round. The Blooming Prairie Foundation made this round possible by adding another $25,...

20 Jan 2009 #128 January - February - 2007
New Economy Gains Traction

An excellent summary of organizations and ideas that are contributing to a new economy – based on cooperatives, wealth sharing, and conservation of resources – appears in both The Nation (June 13...

31 May 2011 • Endcap Articles
New Food Co-ops Keep Opening!

Continuing a wave of cooperation, 11 new food co-ops have opened since the previous mid-year summary listing.  Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) oversees and assists this nationwide movement, and...

01 Jul 2015 • Endcap Articles
New La Crosse Store and Restaurant Opens
by Michelle Schry

People’s Food Co-op in La Crosse, Wis., started laying the groundwork for expansion years ago. Peg Nolan, our co-op’s former general manager, made a brilliant purchase back in 1998, buying a house...

21 Jan 2009 #116 January - February - 2005
New Leaf Market Finds New Life
by Gretchen Hardin

Looking at New Leaf Market now, it would be hard to discern any of its history The new and sparkling clean store gives no hint of the struggles that this cooperative has overcome. Aisles are full...

09 Jan 2004 #027 March - April - 1990
New Millennium, New Future
by David Thompson

A new millennium started when the clock struck midnight in Greenwich, England on December 31, 1999. Further north, in Manchester, a new era began for leaders of the British consumer cooperative...

11 Feb 2005 #115 November - December - 2004
New Name, New Look: National Co+op Grocers
by National Co+op Grocers

Since its formation in 1999, National Cooperative Grocers Association has been working on behalf of its member and associate food co-ops to strengthen purchasing power, optimize operational and...

12 Feb 2015 #176 January-February 2015
New Pioneer Opens Coralville Site
by Dennis Maclearn

[Co-authors with Dennis Maclearn for this article were Ben Nauman and Jennifer Masada.  Dennis Maclearn was general manager, and Ben Nauman and Jennifer Masada were on staff,...

08 Jan 2004 #094 May - June - 2001
New Pioneer: Successful by Working on the Basics
by John Higgins

In 1981, New Pioneer Co-op was a small, floundering storefront with stagnant sales growth, unpredictable margin, infighting, and poor capitalization. This scenario has given way to a relatively...

09 Jan 2004 #001 October - November - 1985
New Principle Six Video

A new, short video has just been released that explains the P6 or Principle Six movement, which takes its name from the 6th cooperative principle of "cooperation among cooperatives."...

14 Jan 2015 • Endcap Articles
New Strategic Plan for CCC
by Tom Webb

Almost four years ago, 28 financially troubled co-operatives in Atlantic Canada knew that struggling one by one they could not survive. Pitted against two fiercely competing multinational...

21 Jan 2009 #117 March - April - 2005
New Study Highlights Impact of Food Co-ops
by Staff

A fascinating and detailed look at the impact of food co-ops has just been released by the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA). Available as a pdf, this 21-page report compares co-op...

25 Sep 2012 #162 September-October 2012
New Study on Impact of Food Co-ops
by Dave Gutknecht

A fascinating and detailed look at the impact of food co-ops has just been released by the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA). Available as a pdf, this 21-page report compares co-op...

06 Aug 2012 • Endcap Articles
New Study: A Manual for Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives
by Dave Gutknecht

Food co-ops typically have hundreds or thousands of consumer owners. But there can be other stakeholders, and a number of food cooperatives, including both new and established businesses, share...

25 Apr 2011 • Endcap Articles
New Study: Twin Cities Co-op Local Food System

Just published: a new, in-depth look at food co-ops in the greater metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul area and their local food system, from member-owners to retailers to producers.  It is...

15 Apr 2014 • Endcap Articles
New Support for Urban Cooperative Development
by Staff

CooperationWorks! (CW) and the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) announced on Oct. 15, 2010, a new initiative for urban coopera­tive development. Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.),...

01 Feb 2011 #152 January - February - 2011
New Year Brings CGN Change
by Dan Nordley

Last January, the Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network (CGIN) board and executive director met for several days to figure out how CGIN could better meet our mission of strengthening all...

20 Feb 2013 #164 Jan-Feb 2013
Next Act: Network Merger
by Dave Gutknecht

The year 2012 marks a new stage in the history of this magazine, one that will lead to improvements in web-based services for food co-ops. Following is one view (skewed, naturally) of how we got...

07 Aug 2012 #161 July - August - 2012
Niche Glitch
by Dave Gutknecht

Themes linking this edition's feature co-op and the results from our annual survey:

Continuity with previous generations of cooperatives is precious...

09 Jan 2004 #065 July - August - 1996
Nine Years and Counting @ CGIN
by Karen Zimbelman

Nine years ago, at the 1997 CCMA (Consumer Cooperative Management Association) conference in Alexandria, Va., a workshop was held to discuss how co-ops could use the World Wide Web to strengthen...

08 Aug 2006 #125 July - August - 2006