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Collaboration and Resilience
by Eric Deluca

What does it take to cultivate a resilient food system? Regional efforts underway in the Northeast and around the country suggest some inputs and practices that seem to be doing just that. These...

25 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
Cooperative-Conscious Radio in Atlanta
by Bey Ahzjah Netjer Simons

I love co-ops, and I love radio! Naturally, upon coming to serve in one of the largest cooperatives in the Southeast six years ago, Sevananda Natural Foods Market, I was excited to use all the...

15 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
Marketing Matters 2010
by Ellen Michel

Marketing Matters 2010 took place in New York City, May 11–13, bringing together 75 co-op marketing and member services attendees, plus presenters and National Cooperative Grocers Association (...

15 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
Old Dog, New Tricks
by Kelly Wiseman

There are plenty of unwelcome emotions that accompany us through our days in retail, like stress or maybe even a little anger. But nothing quite starts the day like that twinge of outright fear in...

15 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
Take it From Here: Cool Marketing Implements for 2010
by Ellen Michel

These tips, tools, sites and strategies were all shared at this year’s Marketing Matters. NCGA members may log in to the NCGA website for details. Take it from here to help your co-op make more of...

15 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
The Changing Face of Co-op Development
by Stuart Reid

How do you start a new retail food co-op? Can you give me a checklist and a budget? I’ll take it from there!

If only it were that easy. With hundreds of communities interested in opening new...

15 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
Understanding Marketing Research
by Debbie Suassuna

In order to improve overall sales performance and compete effectively against other food stores, food co-ops can choose from several types of market research tools. Generally speaking, the results...

15 Oct 2010 #149 July - August - 2010*
Harvest Moonrise
by Stuart Reid

Five years of hard work and a million dollars in owner investment have resulted in the store the community dreamed of.

The story of the Harvest Moon Co-op (Long Lake,...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Hanover Co-op Opens Fourth Store
by Alan Reetz

In late June, Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society opened a 15,000-square-foot facility in White River Junction, Vt., the co-op’s fourth food store within a seven-mile radius. The co-op’s new...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Stronger Together
by Jeanne Lakso

As co-op insiders, when we talk about what we do best and how we want to be perceived by our shoppers, owners and neighbors, we use words like local, community, sustainable, responsive...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Battleground and Opportunity
by Donald Kreis

What’s wrong with this picture? A longtime member of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society wheels his cart to the front end of the co-op’s Lebanon, N.H., store and, to pay for his family’s...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Cooperative Fund of New England
by Dave Gutknecht

While completing its 35th year of advancing cooperative enterprise, the Cooperative Fund of New England (CFNE) is extending loans at a record pace. By mid-year 2010, around $2.5 million in funding...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Sourcing with Integrity
by Steve Krusie

Since beginning as a two-person operation in 1976, Frontier Natural Products Co-op has specialized in natural and organic products. The business was originally structured as a cooperative that...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
The Color of Dedication
by Barth Anderson

Stage three-and-a-half means "yellow," and yellow means "go, go, go" in the banana world.

26 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
The Buzz on Fair Trade
by Gael Orr

Once Again Nut Butter is an employee-owned company. Beekeeper sustainability projects and the establishment of fair trade infrastructure have been an important part of our work at Once...

05 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
The Fair Trade Movement
by Carmen K. Iezzi

For more than 60 years, fair trade—a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency, and respect—has contributed to greater social and economic equity and to protection of the global...

15 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Making Ourselves Accountable
by Rose Marie Klee

Board of directors’ self-evaluation is the act of reflecting upon the past in order to constantly improve. It is rooted in a sincere commitment to providing high-quality governance as trustees of...

15 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Meaningful Metrics
by Todd Wallace

Successful reporting is essential to maintaining a positive board-management relationship. A sound process—one that includes the creation of meaningful metrics—is a powerful tool that closes the...

15 Oct 2010 #150 September - October 2010
Building Blocks: A=L+C
by Dave Gutknecht

I remember learning balance sheet basics at some of my earliest co-op meetings. "A = L + C" was written for all to see, then explained again and again: Assets = Liabilities + Capital. When we...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
Basics and Beyond
by Karen Zimbelman

In 2009, in response to member interest and needs, the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) launched two new training programs, one geared towards co-op general managers and one geared...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
A General Manager Bids Farewell
by David Montano

When I woke up that fateful morning, I had first-day-on-the-job jitters. However, I was excited about my new job and eager to get started. I was introduced to the staff and then handed a bucket, a...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
Domestic Fair Trade
by Erbin Crowell

Since the beginnings of the movement, co-ops have been catalysts for the transformation of economies around them. The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers, often cited as the founders of modern...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
Farm Aid 2010
by Cissy Bowman

Farm Aid's 25th anniversary concert was held on Oct. 2 in Milwaukee, Wis. It was a celebration of music and of the devotion of the organization to family farmers. However, behind the great music...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
How Are We Doing?
by Mel Braverman

In my work with department managers, I typically ask, "How do you feel you are performing?" Almost every manager easily responds to this question. Then I ask how they think their supervisor would...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010
Flexible or Flawed
by Dave Gutknecht

Securing adequate capital from members as well as external sources is a primary ­cooperative challenge. The importance of capital often is not well recognized in these democratic organizations,...

08 Dec 2010 #151 November - December 2010