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Creating Resilience: The Larger Agenda
by Dave Gutknecht

Here is a quote, from David Orr’s book Down to the Wire, which captures the scope of what we need to be doing to build the transition to a more resilient and possibly sustainable society:


05 Sep 2010 • Endcap Articles
Core Values: Three pillars of a food revolution
by Dave Gutknecht

An noteworthy article by Anna Lappe, Three Pillars of a Food Revolution appeared recently in Yes! magazine.

Based on a June 2010 presentation to a National Cooperative Grocers Association...

05 Sep 2010 • Endcap Articles
When the Egg Thing Broke
by Dave Gutknecht

The risk of salmonella poisoning at poultry operations with atrocious practices led to a massive egg recall totaling over 500 million eggs and reaching more than 22 states.  It is driving...

05 Sep 2010 • Endcap Articles
Food Co-ops and the Road to Organic Valley: Part 1
by Dave Gutknecht

[First published 2008 in Organic Valley's Rootstock.]

Click here for Part 2.

Twenty years ago, organic agriculture was a glimmer of light in a declining farm economy.  From...

07 Oct 2010 • Endcap Articles
"Consumer Groups Get It Wrong" -- Plus a new food safety report
by Dave Gutknecht

Adding to the earlier version of this story: National Sustainable Agriculture Committee has released a new report on food safety: “A Sustainable Agriculture Perspective on Food Safety.”


25 Oct 2010 • Endcap Articles
Recommended: "Catching Fire"
by Dave Gutknecht

Animal response to fire typically is described as fear and flight. Yet I have noticed many times that the smell of seasoned oak in a wood-burning stove is so savory that it makes my mouth water...

12 Nov 2010 • Endcap Articles
Food Co-ops and the Road to Organic Valley: Part 2
by Dave Gutknecht

[Originally published in "RootStock," Spring-Summer 2009]

Part 1, published in the previous edition of RootStock, summarized twenty years of food co-ops’ early years, when these community-...

20 Nov 2010 • Endcap Articles
Prospects in Hard Times: Part 3
by Dave Gutknecht

[“Rootstock” Part 3: 2009, unpublished]

Think organic food. Think childcare and other essential services. Think community economic development and local lending. These are the kinds of...

20 Nov 2010 • Endcap Articles
Bad for Bees: EPA Bows to Bayer
by Dave Gutknecht

Tom Philpot at Grist,, continues to contribute excellent reporting on food and pharm corporations.

These businesses and their federal regulators regularly undermine public...

13 Dec 2010 • Endcap Articles
A Victory for Local and Regional Food
by Dave Gutknecht

Updating the story on food safety legislation.

05 Jan 2011 • Endcap Articles
Hanover Co-op Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary!
by Dan Nordley

Seventy-five years ago—a general meeting was held in the library of the Hanover, New Hampshire, High School at 7:30 p.m., January 6, 1936, for the purpose of organizing a consumers’ club.

14 Jan 2011 • Endcap Articles
NCGA Responds to GE Alfalfa Deregulation
by Kelly Smith

IOWA CITY, IOWA (Jan. 28, 2011)– National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) expressed disappointment with the USDA’s decision for complete deregulation of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready genetically...

01 Feb 2011 • Endcap Articles
Excellent Resources from Organic Conferences
by Dave Gutknecht

Even if you missed recent key conferences on organics, you can get audio recordings of the many valuable speakers and workshop discussions.

Two major annual gatherings of organic farmers...

04 Mar 2011 • Endcap Articles
Senate Considers Deep Cuts to Organic and Sustainable Ag
by Dave Gutknecht

The National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture is urging immediate pressure on U.S. Senators to prevent deep cuts to funding of programs for organic and sustainable farming and food production...

04 Mar 2011 • Endcap Articles
More on New "Co-op" Laws
by Dave Gutknecht

Defending the brand and principles of cooperatives in light of new laws:

Adding to recent contributions in Cooperative Grocer on new laws which allow a greater role for private investors in...

24 Mar 2011 • Endcap Articles
Poison Pesticides Undermine Organic Health
by Dave Gutknecht

New studies and a documentary reinforce a key organic message: pesticides are damaging to children and adults.

Education and marketing are never-ending challenges. Organic food production...

25 Apr 2011 • Endcap Articles
New Study: A Manual for Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives
by Dave Gutknecht

Food co-ops typically have hundreds or thousands of consumer owners. But there can be other stakeholders, and a number of food cooperatives, including both new and established businesses, share...

25 Apr 2011 • Endcap Articles
The legend of Toyohiko Kagawa lives on

The Co-op Food Store in Hanover, NH, held its third annual Co-op Expo on April 30, and was honored to present a lecture by author and cooperator David Thompson. Learn more and listen to the...

06 May 2011 • Endcap Articles
Wendell Berry: "Local Adaptation is Work for Everybody"

Author Wendell Berry gave the following brief but profound observations at "The Future of Food," a conference sponsored by the Washington Post.

(For recordings of this speech, plus...

09 May 2011 • Endcap Articles
Co-operative Farms Acts to Protect Bees
by Dave Gutknecht

The Co-operative Group, the U.K. consumer cooperative featured elsewhere on this page and in the current issue of Cooperative Grocer, has launched an ambitious new drive to protect bees and other...

25 May 2011 • Endcap Articles
Congressional Cuts "Breathtaking" in Their Recklessness

Here is the latest from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition from Washington (, and it's not pretty:

25 May 2011 • Endcap Articles
New Economy Gains Traction

An excellent summary of organizations and ideas that are contributing to a new economy – based on cooperatives, wealth sharing, and conservation of resources – appears in both The Nation (June 13...

31 May 2011 • Endcap Articles
Fukushima Radiation Reaches U.S. Food Supply
by Dave Gutknecht

The devastating effects of the core fuel meltdown in at least three nuclear reactors at Japan’s Fukushima site are not limited to the immediate region – where many will suffer from its radiation,...

02 Jun 2011 • Endcap Articles
E. Coli: The problem is industrial livestock
by Dave Gutknecht

Don’t blame the sprouts. The E. coli strain causing death and illness in Germany, and other strains, originate in livestock and typically are spread through improper handling of manure. Two...

08 Jun 2011 • Endcap Articles
Meat and Dairy Illustrate Resource Limits: EWG Report
by Dave Gutknecht

Even as co-ops and other local food providers promote meat and dairy from pastured livestock, these advocates are confronted with drawbacks to a diet centered on those resource-intensive foods. “...

19 Jul 2011 • Endcap Articles