Deli Coordinator

Wheatsville Food Co-op
Organization location: 
Austin, Texas
Apply by: 
Mon, 09/15/2014


Reports to:  Fresh Manager

                                                             Status:  Group D. Entry pay range $11.00-$14.00/hour



Position Summary:  To aid Wheatsville in its mission to become the Friendliest Store in Town by

providing exceptional internal customer service to all Wheatsville staff. To select, price, promote and assist customers with sales of Deli products to meet objectives for sales, margin, inventory turns and customer service.




Position Responsibilities:



·       To aid Wheatsville in its mission to become the Friendliest Store in Town by providing exceptional internal & external service

·       Ensure that there is adequate communication around new program rollout and new recipes in the Deli Departments, supplying additional training as needed, utilizing Bottom Line Change as necessary

  • Provide prompt, friendly customer service in all customer service interactions (including phone and e-mail).
  • Responds to customer feedback & requests from email, wish list, and written form



II. Purchasing

  • Provide training, feedback, and coaching to order Clerk(s) in ordering to minimize out-of-stocks and overstocks and maximize sales and turnover.
  • Ensure that the best price and quality is obtained through approved vendors for the Deli, in both cost of goods and supplies
  • Ensure adequate supply of sale and promotional items by providing communication to order clerks
  • Work with departments to manage unexpected product issues.
  • Oversee appropriate special purchasing for holidays and events
  • Pursue discounts through distributors and sales reps; run specials and monthly member-coupon specials.

·       Coordinate with Fresh Manager on monthly and seasonal promotions.

  • Responsible for increasing sales across Deli departments; considers sales trends, budget, cash flow, and Fresh Manager’s input.
  • Under direction and approval of Fresh Manager:

-   Maintain dynamic product mix by recommending new items and discontinuing slow sellers.

-   Evaluate vendors and investigate new sources of supply.

-   Negotiate with suppliers for favorable prices, terms, quality, and delivery times.




·       Communicates pricing and margin structures to team members

·       Ensures the proper coding of invoices and maintenance of PO logs

·       Makes sure that all vendors have required paperwork.

·       Performs regular comp shops and make adjustment in pricing based on info gathered and margin goals

·       Upkeeps Cheftec for correct ingredient, cost, and recipe information; completes and maintains a product mix using contribution to margin

·       Regularly does checks deli categories for contribution to margin. Works with Fresh Manager when adjustments are needed

·       Calculate prices using approved systems to achieve established margins

·       Give price and product change information to Pricing Coordinator for timely input into POS system.

·       Participate in setting sales and margin goals for department.

·       Review departmental financial reports.




·       Responsible for establishing and maintaining a dynamic product mix with a focus on high quality food that is delicious and attractive.

·       Make suggestions for seasonal menu changes, focusing on mixed margins and appeal, with Fresh Manager

·       Guide and make plans for Holiday Production, reviewing and recording notes from prior years

·       Looks for areas of opportunities and works with Fresh Manager to create new programs and offerings in the Deli




·       Plan and maintain attractive displays and ensure displays and shelves are fully stocked and rotated.

·       Ensures that all product is labeled and signed appropriately

·       Regularly emails, blogs, and works with the Brand Dept to communicate about  new items & programs

·       Visit other stores for price comparisons, product and merchandising ideas. 

·       Continually works to improve sales and overall inventory turns in the Deli departments by evaluating products based on movement and sales trends.

·       Ensures a high level of quality and consistency of product in the Deli departments.

·       Resets shelves as necessary to accommodate new products or to increase growing categories or as needed to improve the store

·       Plans resets and seasonal changes with Deli team members and Fresh Manager

·       Regularly constructs displays that optimize the aesthetic appeal, maximize the selling space and promotes movement of product

·       ·         Contribute to the planning of enticing periodic and seasonal promotional displays. Seek opportunities to cross-merchandise with Packaged and Fresh departments

·       Ensures that Deli’s are consistent with offerings, flavor profile and selection




·       Coordinate returns and credit from suppliers where applicable.

·       Ensure that order clerks are keeping accurate slippage records.

·       Ensure that Deli team displays and storage areas are in clean, orderly condition, providing feedback to store managers and supervisors 

·       Coordinate quarterly inventory and ensure that stores have the tools & supplies they need

·       Ensure maintenance of department equipment in working order.  Advise Store Managers of equipment problems or needs.




·       Participate in development of operating and capital budgets for all stores

·       Attend meetings as needed

·       Perform other tasks assigned by General Manager and Fresh Manager.

·       Participate in setting sales, margin, and inventory turns goals for each Deli Department

·       Review departmental financial reports with Fresh Manager and take corrective action as needed



·       Participates in Wheatcast & Departmental casts

·       Owns lines in Wheatcast and/or Department Cast

·       Helps to facilitate departmental cast when applicable

·       Creates cast environment that is engaging and inclusive

·       Regularly takes action items and sees them through to completion

·       Recognizes ideas within casts and assigns action or parking lot items where appropriate



·       Prior deli counter, food service, catering, restaurant, or co-op experience.

·       Highly organized with the ability to prioritize multiple short and long term goals

·       Knowledge of trends in natural foods industry.

·       Concrete ideas of how to market Deli products

·       Communications skills--good listener, clear instructions

·       Demonstrated ability to rollout programs and communicate at  very high level

·       Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments and handle multiple demands

·       Willingness to work one weekend day

·       Regular, predictable attendance

·       Willingness and ability to learn to meet the changing requirements of the job





Customer Service

  • Knows and adheres to Wheatsville’s expectations for external and internal customer service as outlined in the Staff Guide.
  • Offer product samples and suggestions for purchase and preparation in a friendly, courteous manner.
  • Recognize and act on opportunities to make a customer’s day or to make it right for customers with complaints.



  • Communicates openly and honestly with all others in the organization.
  • You must have  a working phone that receives calls and/or text without delay
  • Communicates respectfully at all times.
  • Does not expose customers to internal disagreements.
  • Resolves conflicts respectfully and in a timely manner, asks for assistance from appropriate supervisor as needed.
  • Communicates needs promptly and efficiently.
  • Participates actively in department team and all-staff meetings.
  • Stays informed by reading all communications from the General Manager, Supervisors/Managers, HR, and in department log books


Mission Integration

  • Knows and promotes the cooperative principles and values.
  • Understands Wheatsville Co-op’s Mission.
  • Knows Wheatsville Co-op and Co-op history.
  • Gains and shares natural foods knowledge, continually accesses new information.





Personal Effectiveness

  • Reports for scheduled shifts, on-time and ready to work.
  • Understands and adheres to organizational and department policy and procedures.
  • Accepts and offers feedback and suggestions openly and respectfully.
  • Accepts direction willingly and follows through with delegated tasks.
  • Learns and adapts to new tasks or situations quickly and cooperatively.
  • Maintains job-related confidentiality.
  • Takes initiative to identify, report and resolve problems before they escalate.
  • Operates with a sense of teamwork; incorporates into daily job.
  • Provides a positive model for co-workers.


Performance Standards

Quality of Work:

  • Understands technical requirements of job, applies technical knowledge consistently.
  • Performs tasks accurately and efficiently, free from errors.
  • Performs all tasks according to department procedure.


Quantity of Work:

  • Performs tasks consistently at an acceptable rate as outlined by department supervisor.
  • Organizes tasks efficiently, maintains focus and stays productive.
  • Achieves established goals and expected results for the department.



  • Maintains safe work environment according to all department procedures, federal and state regulations.
  • Obtains and maintains any necessary licenses.
  • Wears protective clothing as required for position.


Contact name: 
Beth Ley
Contact phone: