General Manager

Wild Root Market Cooperative
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Racine, WI
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Sat, 02/15/2014

Are you interested in being in on the ground floor of a new grocery co-op start-up? If you have the requisite skills to help us design the store and its processes/operations in addition to running it, you'll be interested to know that Wild Root Market in Racine, WI, has recently announced it has a site under contract, has hired an experienced grocery store Project Manager and has partnered with a design/build firm to open a new store in the next 12-15 months!

If you are interested in being considered for this exciting position, please submit your resume and cover letter (outlining specifically your interest in and qualifications for this role) to: Wild Root Market Selection Committee | P.O. Box 443 | Racine, WI 53401 | or electronically to

Title: General Manager

Reports to: Board of Directors

Status: Exempt

Supervisory Responsibility: Yes, full responsibility for a team of managers and staff


To enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of Southeastern Wisconsin through the sustainable operation of a full-service, cooperatively-owned grocery committed to serving its community, employees and Member-Owners while working as part of a stronger local food system.

Position Summary

The job of the General Manager (GM) is to lead the cooperative so it achieves the goals and objectives developed by the Board of Directors while, at all times, remaining aligned with the co-op’s mission, vision and seven cooperative principles. An eye toward superior service and excellent team leadership is expected.

Reporting Relationships

The General Manager reports to the Board of Directors, which is elected by the Member-Owners of the cooperative. The GM has the authority to hire, direct and evaluate all other staff.

Specific Responsibilities 

Financial and Planning

  1. Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors long- and short-range plans to achieve co-op purposes. 
  2. Prepare operating and capital budgets for approval by the Board and be held accountable for control of resources. Monitor deviations from operating budget and take corrective action, reporting variances and actions taken to the board.
  3. Direct all financial operations of the cooperative (including cash, credit card and inventory security) and report on them to the Board on a monthly and as needed basis. Provide requested information to the Board in a timely manner.
  4. Investigate new business opportunities and make recommendations to the Board on expansion, relocation and acquisitions. 


  1. Ensure a profitable, growing business with sound operational procedures and policies. Set measurable objectives for all departments and review quarterly operating results for compliance with those objectives.
  2. Maintain knowledge of natural foods retailing and industry trends. Share that knowledge with team members and the Board, where appropriate.
  3. Maintain appropriate relations with wholesale distributors, local providers and other markets and industry sources.
  4. Plan and execute a margin strategy designed to be price competitive and maintain adequate profit for growth.
  5. Ensure compliance with all applicable laws regarding licenses, permits, health regulations, bulk regulations, organic standards, fire code, alcoholic beverage service, employment, etc. Ensures operational health and safety oversight including implementation and oversight of HACCAP, GMP and SQF certifications.
  6. Ensure routine maintenance and repair of buildings and equipment.
  7. Ensure adequate insurance for all store operations and maintain security of all buildings, equipment and inventory.
  8. Coordinate contracted services including but not be limited to: uniform & towel, credit card processing, waste disposal, recycling, maintenance & repair, refrigeration service, telephone, store supplies, office supplies, service contracts, security services.
  9. Make recommendations to the Board regarding replacement and/or sale or disposal of any assets.


  1. Create and maintain a work environment at which employees are excited and proud to work. Ensure excellent relations with Member-Owners and the community at large, both directly and through team members.
  2. Assist in the creation of the co-op’s human resources policies and procedures and ensure compliance. Ensure a safe, healthy workplace for employees. Treat staff and managers with consistency and fairness, in a style appropriate to a cooperative work environment.
  3. Hire, supervise, evaluate and, when necessary, dismiss management staff. Mentor/train management staff in their management role and ensure they have the necessary tools with which to properly train and motivate their teams to provide superior service.
  4. Develop a staff organizational structure that promotes fair distribution of work while maintaining maximum service to customers. Ensure adequate staff training.
  5. Prepare an annual payroll budget that meets operating budget constraints.


  1. Develop an advertising and marketing strategy to increase public awareness of the cooperative’s products and services.  Execute the advertising and marketing plan within budgetary guidelines.
  2. Communicate information about the business to Members-Owners through a monthly newsletter, annual report and other communications, as necessary.
  3. Prepare or oversee store displays, signage and other promotions to maximize marketing impact.
  1. Represent the market at regional and national co-op and industry events.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.


  • Retail supermarket management is required, with extensive knowledge of store operations; co-op experience a plus
  • Supervisory experience including the ability to hire the right team members, evaluate their performance on a regular basis, develop their skills, hold them accountable to specific performance standards and motivate them to provide superior service and support to customers as well as each other
  • Experience developing systems, procedures and policies from the ground up
  • Project management skills with a demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, coordinate projects and follow through on commitments; must be able to handle multiple, competing demands and pressures
  • Must be computer literate (MS Office Suite, for example) with advanced skills with spreadsheets, able to read blueprints and skilled at troubleshooting equipment problems
  • Must have exceptional communication skills (written and verbal), customer service skills and the ability to give clear direction and feedback; organizational skills and detail orientation are required.

Wild Root Market Cooperative is a start-up organization which will be located in Racine, WI. As such, expected employee benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation and others have yet to be implemented and will be considered at the point of hire.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please send your resume and cover letter (specifically outlining your interest in and qualifications for this role) to: Wild Root Market Selection Committee | PO Box 443 |  Racine, WI 53401 | or electronically to:

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Selection Committee