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Outpost Natural Foods
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Fri, 11/15/2013

TITLE:  Store Manager     DEPARTMENT:  CPR

STATUS: FT, Manager, At-Will, Salaried  REPORTS TO:  Director of Store Operations

JOB SUMMARY: To ensure the highest level of service possible to Outpost’s internal and external customers. To ensure smooth daily operations, prompt and friendly customer service, and a well maintained store.  To meet objectives for profitability, labor efficiency and margin. Supervise store management team: assistant, grocery, PWC, produce, prepared foods and front end managers and meat coordinator.

WORK ENVIRONMENT:  Fast paced retail floor and office environment. Work near moving mechanical parts (i.e. baler, dock equipment), in high precarious places (i.e. ladder work, roof), and in cold/hot climate conditions. Ability to work in moderate and loud noise environments including, but not limited to: computers, paging, telephones, human voices, and machinery. Job related travel within metro Milwaukee area.

1.  Customer Service
a. Treat people fairly, consistently, and with respect.
b. Ensure efficient, informative, and friendly service according to established customer service vision and standards.
2. Store Manager Responsibilities
a. Participate as a member of the Central Planning and Resource (CPR) team.
b. Model supportive and participatory leadership qualities, promote team building and motivate staff to achieve their stated objectives.
c. Treat staff and managers with consistency and fairness, in a style appropriate to a cooperative work environment.
d. Ensure that communications are clear, direct, and respectful.
e. Ensure the integrity of Outpost’s stated values in decision-making and interactions with others.
f. Use the interest-based problem solving method to resolve issues within store.
g. Ensure professional and friendly service from all staff.
h. Act as a model to all employees following both the union contract and employee handbook.
Customer Service
a. Ensure and model a high standard of customer service store-wide according to established customer service vision and standards.
b. Ensure quick response to customer questions and concerns.  Maintain communication through customer comment box.
c. Develop a staff that is attentive to customer’s needs and has a sense of urgency to serve customers well.
d. Maintain an open line of communication to internal and external customers.
Store Operations
a. Ensure smooth flow of store operations on a day-to-day basis. 
b. Ensure appropriate staff coverage to meet demands of customer flow.
c. Ensure appropriate manager on duty coverage during all hours of store operation.
d. Ensure stores are well stocked with appealing and abundant sets and displays and fresh products.
e. Ensure proper store cleanliness and appearance to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with all local codes.
f. Enforce store policies and procedures in a firm and fair manner.
g. Work with the director of store operations to ensure compliance with all applicable laws: business licenses, permits, health regulations, bulk regulations, organic standards, fire code, and alcoholic beverage service.
h. Work with director of store operations to develop efficient and effective store opening and closing procedures.
i. Coordinate repair and replacement of equipment with director of store operations.
j. Participate in quarterly inventories.  Ensure all department managers are prepared and follow quarterly inventory procedures.
Store Security, Safety, and Sanitation
a. Ensure store-wide training in the areas of security, safety, and emergency procedures with the assistant manager.
b. Ensure that all managers are aware of security, safety, and emergency procedures and are trained to handle emergency situations.
c. Act as liaison with store security company, if applicable. 
d. Ensure security of store property and personnel at all times.
e. Ensure all departments comply with health department standards.
Human Relations
a. Interpret and enforce all conditions of employment with employees in compliance with federal & state laws, the union contract and employee handbook.
b. Ensure every department manager uses a consistent training program.
c. Assist department managers and coordinators with disciplinary actions for staff.
d. Conduct investigations of employee complaints or grievances in coordination with director of store operations.  Respond to employee grievance matters as requested by director of store operations.
e. Conduct investigations of employee harassment complaints in coordination with director of human relations.
f. Ensure employee terminations are handled legally and professionally.
a. Develop and maintain performance standards for direct reports.
b. Mentor staff in departmental planning and goal setting.
c. Interview and hire qualified applicants for department manager and meat coordinator positions, following established hiring process.
d. Ensure training of direct reports in all procedures necessary to accomplish their jobs efficiently and effectively.
e. Provide timely, thorough and thoughtful performance evaluations to direct reports.
f. Take correct counseling measures and/or disciplinary action as needed for all direct reports, according to established personnel policies.
g. Terminate department employees, as necessary, following established personnel policies.
h. Meet regularly with department management team on improvements in customer service, department appearance, and other operational matters.
a. Project rolling weekly labor hours budget for department managers and coordinators, keeping to established goals set by director of store operations.  Ensure department manager’s compliance to established sales-per-labor hour goals.
b. Work with department managers and meat coordinators to meet established sales, margin, and labor goals working to correct problems as encountered. Identify areas of weakness and work with managers to solve problems in their departments relating to missed margin, labor and staff disciplinary issues.
c. Work to minimize overtime hours in all departments.
Budgeting and Planning
a. In conjunction with direct supervisor, create annual strategic directions, action plans and operating budgets for the annual business plan.
b. Participate in team strategic planning sessions.
c. In coordination with direct supervisor, implement annual action plans and operating budgets.
d. Monitor industry trends on a regular basis and discuss findings with direct supervisor.
e. Attend CPR and quarterly management team meetings.  Coordinate weekly store team management meetings.
f. Assist director of store operations in preparation of annual business plan including annual operating and capital budgets, department labor budgets, work plans, SWOT analysis and integration.
g. Monitor deviations from store operating budget, work with department managers to take corrective action, and report to director of store operations on actions taken.
3.  All Staff Duties
a. Abide by all Co-op policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook and other company documents.
b. Keep store/office orderly and clean.
c. Maintain a positive attitude.
d. Perform all other duties as assigned by director of store operations.

• Outstanding customer service skills
• Retail supermarket management experience
• Knowledge of store operations required
• Previous management experience — hiring, training, and evaluating
• Experience in planning, developing, and implementing systems, procedures and policies
• Computer experience essential; good typing skills
• Ability to develop, implement and adhere to budgets
• Attention to detail and good organizational skills
• Ability to handle multiple demands, work under time pressures, and meet deadlines
• Willingness to be open, to learn, and take on new responsibilities
• Demonstrate objectivity, neutrality and calmness under pressure
• Regular, predictable attendance
• Ability to maintain confidentiality
• Effective communication skills in English
• Ability to read and comprehend instructions
• Strong writing skills
• Analytical ability and proficiency in math
• Ability to appropriately delegate work duties and manage and motivate staff
• Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments
• Ability to work in a fast paced environment
• Ability to train staff effectively

• Standing, walking, bending, sitting, reaching
• Using hands or fingers to handle or feel
• Specific vision ability: close vision, distance vision, depth perception, and adjust focus
• Ability to climb up and down ladders
• Ability to lift up to 60 lbs.

The job duties, elements, responsibilities, skills, functions, experience, educational factors, requirements and conditions listed in this job description are representative only and not exhaustive of the tasks that the employee may be required to perform.  The employer reserves the right to revise this job description at any time and require employees to perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of its business, competitive considerations or a work environment change.

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Randy McCarthy
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