General Manager

Spiral Foods Coop
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Sebastopol, CA
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Sat, 09/21/2013

General Manager Job Description

Spiral Foods Co-op

Spiral Foods Co-op, a new multiple stakeholder owned co-op in West Sonoma County, is seeking a General Manager to take the lead role in planning, organizing, directing and controlling resources for the opening and subsequent management of our new local produce grocery store. We welcome applications from highly motivated and dynamic individuals with managerial experience in the grocery industry and a strong knowledge of and commitment to cooperative values. This full time salaried position is anticipated to start in October 2013.


Work with the Board of Directors, Project Manager & members to ensure all needs are met for a successful opening before the end of 2013. Oversee, assist and supervise all worker owners in the achievement of established goals and objectives.

Financial Accountability

  • Oversee and participate in preparing accurate annual budgets as well as annual projections including sales and membership targets
  • Oversee the monitoring and managing of all labor and controllable expenditures
  • Understand and use financial tools, reports and key indicators to direct operations
  • Ensure that the co-op’s assets are adequately safeguarded from loss
  • Perform in-depth financial analysis and promptly address financial problems
  • Plan the co-op’s financial future, including use of member equity, financing needs, and future 
  • Monitor store conditions to meet customer service objectives and budgetary goals, ensuring alignment with Spiral Food Co-op’ mission, vision and profitability
  • Maintain a member-friendly, clean and safe store
  • Identify and address operational problems in a timely fashion
  • Plan for the co-op’s ongoing operational needs, including technology, facilities, and 
  • Help direct and maintain inventory, product mix and merchandizing standards to meet the co- 
op’s values and targets
  • Ensure compliance with all municipal, county and federal codes; ensure all permits and 
licenses are current
  • Understand and implement required health and safety programs; manage and monitor 
compliance with applicable federal, provincial and municipal health and safety laws
  • Ensure that the store provides a safe, healthy and happy environment for all members

Member Relations

  • Evaluate and identify member needs and develop and implement training to ensure that the co-op provides outstanding service to all members while communicating clearly and effectively
  • Monitor key indicators to ensure overall member satisfaction
  • Establish systems and procedures that ensure that co-op members remain informed about the 
co-op’s status, needs, and activities
  • Ensure new member recruitment 
Human Resources
  • Implement and maintain staff training plan, pay scale, position descriptions, staffing structure, orientation process, employee benefits and policy manual
  • Hire and facilitate the training of all compensated staff and implement any lay-offs or terminations required
  • Develop and maintain a system of worker-owner performance feedback, as well as provide ongoing, real time feedback to all worker-owners
  • Facilitate a system of communication with and among worker-owners to ensure a well and equally-informed team with regards to all information salient to the success of the store
  • Ensure that all worker-owners are trained in and follow all organizational safety procedures 
and guidelines 
Store Promotion / Marketing
  • In collaboration with the Spiral Foods Co-op Communications Director, ensure that the website and social media content is accurate and consistent with store updates and operations
  • Plan and manage store promotions
  • Design, implement and maintain a marketing campaign within budget to increase 
membership, increase sales and maximize the potential of our local foodshed
  • Prepare comprehensive marketing plans, including regular analysis of the co-op’s 
competition and market potential
  • Ensure that the co-op is effectively presented to the community as its local market
  • Use marketing strategy to build long-term stability for the co-op 
Board Relationship
  • Attend monthly Board of Directors meeting to present updates and report on key indicators
  • Works with the Board to prepare for and ensure productive, effective board meetings
  • Work with the Board to establish and achieve annual goals and objectives that are in line 
with the set fiduciary and strategic parameters
  • Work with the Board in transition from Operational to Governance oversight model
  • Follow up on board concerns and research issues in a timely and effective fashion
  • Keep all directors informed about matters at and in between board meetings 
Perform other work as reasonable requested. Qualifications
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in retail management, preferably in a start-up cooperative food store or independent community grocery store
  • Experience in opening a new food retail store or involvement in expansion or development of new departments in an existing grocery store
  • Post-secondary education in business, finance, community development or related field
  • Financial management experience, including planning and implementation of budgets, 
maximizing operational efficiency, and ensuring adequate cash flow and capital
  • Proven ability to develop, articulate and implement a vision, including financial and strategic 
business planning
  • Experience with management of personnel including hiring, training, supervising, evaluating, 
compensation and termination
  • Strong inventory management skills including negotiating with local suppliers, product analysis, 
stocking, ordering, inventory control
  • Computer literacy including a experience with store Point of Sales systems, Microsoft Office 
Suite, Google Drive, QuickBooks or comparable accounting software
  • Available for evening and weekend work 
  • Excellent people, relationship and personnel management skills including active listening and conflict resolution
  • Balanced leadership skills with demonstrated ability to develop a creative, effective team with individual empowerment and make strong decisions when needed
  • The ability to motivate and inspire teams of worker-owners and volunteers
  • Committed to the vision of supporting healthy eating and local, sustainable agriculture
  • Eager to develop and grow a thriving retail business participating in and contributing to the local 
  • Excited about building community by creating an inviting environment in which to shop, learn 
and interact
  • Respect and support for the process of working with a Board of Directors; prior experience 
working with a board of directors is a plus
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills 
About our Co-op & Community 
The mission of Spiral Foods Cooperative is to create a local food marketplace that strengthens community from farm to table through ecological responsibility and cooperative ownership here in West Sonoma County. Ours is a grass-roots effort building a market that showcases local food with minimal packaging. Together we can support local farms for the health and wealth of the community. 
By providing farmers a consistent market, sustainable prices, cold storage and a cooperative marketing network, we're helping to shore-up West County's food security. We're working with CSA's and Farmer's Markets to build a diverse local food distribution network and vibrant farming community. 
We believe a strong network of small local farms will provide our community member-owners with a vibrant supply of fresh produce, meats and dairy. Because farmers are also members of Spiral

Foods, we're creating an efficient distribution system that provides maximum profits to farmers at the lowest possible prices to the community. We seek to have a wide array of local, holistically grown produce, meats and dairy and directly sourced dry bulk ingredients.

Status & Terms of the Position

  • This is a full-time position, accountable to the Board of Directors
  • There is a 6 month probationary period
  • Salary based on $40,000 per year (benefits to be negotiated) with paid vacation time 

  • How to Apply
  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled OR due by September 20th.
  • We encourage applicants to explore our website and learn as much as possible about our co-op 
and community prior to submitting an application:
  • Interested candidates are welcome to request a copy of our business plan
  • Applications must include a cover letter and resume submitted to with 
“GM Position” in the subject line
  • Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you for your 
  • Please be prepared to submit the names and contact information of 3 references.



Contact name: 
Tucker Hemquist