Marketing Coordinator Part Time

Old Creamery Co-op
Organization location: 
Cummington, MA
Apply by: 
Tue, 04/30/2013

You can play an important role in ensuring the success of the Old Creamery Co-op! We're looking for an energetic, enthusiastic co-op supporter with marketing savvy to develop and implement a marketing plan that will increase the visibility, excitement, and activity level of the Creamery.

Essential Skills and Attributes
• Excellent communication skills through a wide range of venues (in-person, written, and via social media)
• Self-starter who is able to motivate and engage others
• Ability to work well with others, including both volunteers as well as staff
• Possesses a strong belief in the necessity and importance of the Creamery Co-op in the community and a desire to spread the word about the store and its activities
• Experience with marketing planning and communications highly desirable
Primary Responsibilities
Work closely with the Old Creamery Co-op's General Manager and appropriate staff to:
• Develop an overall strategy and process for consistent, frequent communication with the Creamery's member-owners and with the wider community, with the goal of increasing customer engagement and store traffic.
• Develop a one-year marketing plan along with a month-by-month calendar for store events; mailings, blog postings, and other regular communications; store special and promotions; advertising; and other outreach events for the community.
• Expand and develop new content for the Old Creamery website; identify ways to make the website and blog most effective; maintain and expand the Creamery's presence on Facebook and other social media.
• Develop and put into place a plan for using the Creamery's bulletin boards most effectively.
• Establish strong communication networks and partnerships with volunteers and other groups in the community who are invested in and connected to the Old Creamery Co-op. Determine the most effective way to engage each group and individual in helping to accomplish the Creamery's marketing plan.
• Work with volunteers to plan and execute special promotional events for the Creamery; provide support and oversight to the volunteers in organizing and staffing the events.
• Develop creative and innovative ways to reach out to various segments of the Creamery's market, as well as potential markets that don't yet know about or frequent the Old Creamery.

Contact name: 
Karen Doherty
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