Start-Up Manager

Arroyo Food Cooperative
Organization location: 
Altadena or Pasadena, CA
Apply by: 
Fri, 03/15/2013

The Arroyo Food Cooperative is looking for a Start-Up Manager. Our ideal candidate will be someone who has opened a grocery store from scratch with limited resources, and knows how to make a recently opened store profitable quickly.

Here are some specific skills we're looking for:

Familiarity with

• grocery store finances - including, but not limited to, understanding budgets, trends, cash flow, and financial indicators

• inventory, product mix, and relationships with grocery distributors

• installing, operating, and troubleshooting point-of-sale systems

• grocery store design and build-out

◦ capacity to advise the board on the layout of the store

◦ capacity to advise the board on the selection and installation of equipment, including HVAC and plumbing

◦ experience working with building contractors

• the cooperative grocery ethos and model

We realize that not everyone has had the chance to open a grocery store from scratch and make it profitable right away. However, if you've been in on the ground floor of other start-ups and think you've got what it takes to open our store, we want to hear from you!

Furthermore, we realize that the skills to open a store and the skills to manage a store in the long term may not be the same, but in an ideal world, the general manager who opens the store will continue working with us full time into the future. Because we are hoping to hire someone as our Start-Up Manager who also has the skills to become our General Manager, we have included our General Manager job description alongside our Start-Up Manager description at

for your reference. However, if you don't have all these skills, please don't be scared off! We'd love to hear from the widest possible range of candidates.

Location: Altadena or Pasadena, CA

Term of employment: Build-out expected to begin spring quarter 2013. This position would start as a consulting role during build-out and then may transition to full-time work when doors open.

If this position sounds like a good fit for you, please send a resume and cover letter with salary history and requirements to Thank you for your interest!