Outreach & Owner Services

Outreach & Owner Services
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New Orleans, LA
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Mon, 07/15/2013


OUTREACH & OWNER SERVICES COORDINATOR   To promote & increase ownership and meet goals for growth of co-op’s ownership base. To educate staff & owners about co-ops, to promote understanding, & increase customer loyalty. To ensure adequate maintenance of member-owner records, and coordinate an effective member-worker system in accordance with co-op budget.    Duties include:  • Promoting and recruiting ownership, while increasing owner equity. • Administering co-op benefits in accordance with co-op budget.  • Educating and promoting co-ops and the cooperative difference.  • Coordinating newsletters and ensuring adequate supplies of information about co-op ownership, owner benefits, and programs. • Maintaining accurate owner records in a timely manner.  • Administering co-op programs and conducting community outreach. • Recruiting member-workers and coordinating our Hands On Owner program. • Providing a welcoming environment, excellent customer service, and prompt, accurate check out for our owners and community members. • Other duties as required by GM or Assistant GM.    Benefits include:    • wages based on experience • 15% discount on groceries  • medical insurance  • paid time off • other benefits      Apply online at www.nolafood.coop or pick up an application at the store. Position open until filled.    good food, real people, meaningful jobs make a living cooperatively!    OWNER SERVICES & HANDS ON OWNER COORDINATOR JOB DESCRIPTION   PURPOSE:  To promote and increase co-op ownership and meet established goals for growth of co-op’s ownership base. To educate staff and owners about cooperatives, to promote understanding, and increase customer loyalty. To ensure adequate maintenance of member-owner records, and coordinate an effective member-worker system in accordance with co-op budget.   STATUS:     Reports to the General Manager       Supervise Hands-On-Owners.       Part-time; 20 hours a week, plus floor shifts.   WORK ENVIRONMENT: Small business office with moderate noise levels.   RESPONSIBILITIES:   1) OWNER RECRUITMENT & BENEFITS   a. Organize and direct annual ownership drives.   b. Develop and maintain supplies and printed materials about co-op ownership.   c. Develop and ensure that all new owners get a welcome packet and card.   d. Recruit volunteers to table during ownership drives   e. Calendar and coordinate ownership programs and events with input from General Manager.   f. Create plans for outreach and owner recruitment.   g. Develop and implement training program for staff in how to recruit new owners.   h. Keep staff informed of upcoming owner events and specials.  Ensure that staff is knowledgeable so that they can answer owner questions.   i. Coordinate annual owner meetings, mailings to support owner elections, and Board/Owner linkage events.  Coordinate publicity and logistics.   2) CO-OP EDUCATION   a. Support the GM in planning editorial content to promote the cooperative difference through newsletter articles on cooperative principles, structure, history, governance, and other issues   connected with ownership.   b. Orient new staff in cooperative principles, structure, and history.   c. Plan and coordinate production of biweekly co-op enewsletter and quarterly co-op print newsletter.   3) OWNER RECORDS   a. Maintain ownership data base.   b. Ensure accurate owner equity records.   c. Produce regular reports on ownership investment, activity, and patronage.   4) PROGRAMS   a. Calendar, plan, and implement events and outreach & tabling in accordance with co-op priorities and budget.   b. Maintain co-op website & facebook for current events.   5) DAILY MEMBER-WORKER (HANDS ON OWNER) OPERATIONS           Recruit member-owners to apply for Hands-On-Owner work program.         Track owner skills and interests, and contact owners for potential projects based on those skills and interests.         Conduct regular HOO orientations.         Screen and interview potential HOOs to determine skills and qualifications.         Oversee training for HOOs.  Train staff and other HOOs to be trainers.         Assign trained HOOs to “permanent” shifts, and notify them when store closures or other circumstances affect regular schedules.         Schedule trained HOOs for special projects as requested by staff.         Solicit HOO feedback on training, working conditions, design of tasks.         Periodically solicit staff feedback on performance of HOOs; give feedback to individual HOOs.         Develop and carry out recognition events for HOOs.         Monitor and maintain related HOO Program expenses within budget.      6. MEMBER-WORKER RECORDS           Maintain record of accumulated work hours and update monthly.         Maintain files on HOOs.         Maintain sufficient supply of HOO brochures and applications.         Analyze patterns of member-worker attendance and performance, and make recommendations to management team on ways to improve the effectiveness of the program.     7. OTHER           Prepare quarterly report to the GM.         Provide data/metrics for monitoring reports to Board as requested         Write articles for newsletter as requested.         Participate in setting goals for member-worker hours worked, Owner/Membership renewals and other goals as developed with the General Manager.         Answer and route phone calls, take and route messages as needed.         Perform other tasks conveyed by the Board, General Manager, & Assistant General Manager.   Qualifications:           Good communications skills—clear instructions, attentive listening         Demonstrated writing skills.         Well-organized, pays attention to detail.         Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments.         Regular, predictable attendance.         Willingness and ability to learn to meet the changing requirements of the job.   Desired:       Experience recruiting and working with volunteers.     Several concrete ideas for improvements in member-worker worker system at the co-op.     Contacts in Portland and surrounding communities.  


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Lori Burge
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