CGN Grocery Group

The Grocery Group facilitates the discussion and exchange of ideas and information about Grocery departments at food co-ops in order to improve the results of that work. Group members are grocery managers and department staff who are paid staff at a CGN member co-op. This is a members-only group. See more in terms of use.

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CGN Update: October is CGN Discussion Group month!

Hello CGN Grocery Group!

In celebration of Co-op Month, we are happy to announce a couple cool updates to Discussion Groups: 

• you can REPLY and UPDATE a Discussion via EMAIL REPLY.

• email notifications of Discussion Group postings now include the FULL THREAD of the Discussion to-date.

New Discussions still need to be started by logging into the website and navigating to the Discusssion Group you want to post your message. (~ take a look around the site and your other Discussions while  you're in there...) Read more »