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The purpose of this group is to facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas and information about co-op membership and marketing at food co-ops in order to improve the results of that work. Group members are membership and marketing managers and staff who are paid employees of CGN members. This is a members-only group. See more in terms of use.

Recent Discussions

Coupon Redemption and Tracking.


I was wondering how coupons are handled at your store? Who is responsible for managing them and how do they go about reconciling them? Any information would be greatly appreciated as we are looking to make this process as easy and efficient as possible.Currently we are collecting them and sending them out about every two weeks. We send them to either NCGA or Atlantic Coupon Service, and they send us payment and a report on what coupons were not processed. If you have any ideas, suggestions of reccomendations please let me know!!



Email messages to Member-Owners

We are a start up Co-op in our first year, still run with a lot of assistance from volunteers, committee members, and our start-up board.  We send informative and educational email communications in the beginning of the month to all on our email listing and mid-month send an email to our members only.

We are discussing the purpose and content of these member emails.  

Question 1:  Do you send separate emails to your member-owners? Read more »

Special email communications to members

Our Co-op is in our first year of operations and are still very much operated by committee and with a working board.    We currently send an informational newsletter to all of those on our email listing once per month and a separate email midmonth to our member/owners.  We are discussing the purpose  and the content of the member email message.  

QUESTION 1.  Do you send SEPARATE emails to your member-owners than to all on your mailing list?

QUESTION 2.  How often do you send these emails? Read more »

Letter to overdue members


We have several members who are overdue according to the membership payment schedule they agreed to upon joining. Any templates out there for a letter we could send as a gentle reminder? Or, suggestions as to wording?


Wanted: Intern Job Description

Hola everyone,

I'm in the process of hiring a social media intern, and would love to see examples of a job description/hiring packet you have used. The only thing I've come across in the CGN resource library is the Outpost Exchange Intern job description.

Kristina Israel

Putney Food Co-op

Member Referrals

Hi everyone!

I was curious to see if anyone gives rewards to members who refer new people to join the co-op. We have considered this as an option but haven't actually seen a system like this in action at a grocery cooperative.



Staff and Sale Swag - Ideas?

Hi fellow co-opers,

I'm looking to rev up our selection of branded merch - as swag incentive for staff, but also to sell. We've done water bottles and totes in the past, but they tend not to move because they are a little pricey. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for new branded items or resources for these items, particularly if the company is eco-friendly?




Printer suggestions

Hi all,

My poor Xerox printer is nearing the end of its lifespan, and I'd like to find a good desktop office printer to replace it. I print a lot of in-store signage so something that could accommodate a fairly high volume of good quality prints would be fantastic. We will also need to laminate printed sheets and print on 8.5x14 as well. If it could fit 11x17 paper, that would be an extra bonus!

Before I leap into the black hole of online reviews, I was hoping that some of my wonderful peers would have a good suggestion.


Thanks everyone!  Read more »