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Recent Discussions

Bulk Bodycare Options?

Hey yall! 

We are reviewing our bulk bodycare options and are curious what brands other Coops have! 

We currently have Shikai Shampoo, conditioner and bodywash; but we realized that they are ranking unfavorably with EWG. We also have Bronners, a few from Alaffia, EO hand soap, Alba lotion, Some Zum hand soaps/massage oils, A trillium massage oil, and I think that's it. 

What other brands/products do you have that are working well? Thanks for any feedback! 

Gen. Merch./Housewares Question: Reusable Egg Cartons?

Anyone have a source for these? We're looking for something made from hard plastic (not ceramic) that we can merchandise by our new bulk eggs in dairy. Thanks!