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Here's what Co-op Grocer Network does best: facilitate the sharing and development of resources among the food co-op community.

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  • CGN General - everyone is encouraged to join this broad-based forum.
  • CGN Deli
  • CGN HABA (Health and Beauty Aid)
  • CGN IT (Information Technology)
  • CGN M & M (Membership & Marketing)
  • CGN Operations (Manager forum)
  • CGN Food Co-op Board of Directors (board members and support staff/consultants)
  • CGN Grocery 

Discussion Group Subscription form

CGN Human Resource (HR) Discussion Group—Due to the sensitive nature of some HR discussions, the HR Discussion Group reviews requests before approving members. To apply, fill out the following form: HR Discussion Group Subscription Form

For discussion group help, visit our help page for links to instructional videos and more.

This TED Talk by Clay Shirkey called How Cognitive Surplus Will Change the World illustrates our intent.

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Thank you for your cooperative participation! Have fun!

  • Facilitate discussion, provide support and share ideas and information about human resources at food co-ops. This is an invitation-only group.
    | 142 Members | Closed
  • Exchange ideas and information about membership and marketing at food co-ops. This is a members-only group.
    | 279 Members | Closed
  • Exchange information and facilitate discussion about general operations and management work at food co-ops. This is a members-only group.
    | 216 Members | Closed
  • For internal testing purposes only.
    | 7 Members | Closed
  • CGN Food Co-op Start-up
    | 28 Members | Closed
  • The Grocery Group facilitates the discussion and exchange of ideas and information about Grocery departments at food co-ops in order to improve the re
    | 26 Members | Closed
  • | 3 Members | Request membership