CGN Services

Discussion Groups

One of the most vibrant areas of CGN is its discussion groups. Serving a variety of special interests, the discussion groups provide a lively forum for topics related to food co-ops. The groups also offer a valuable exchange of ideas and resources that support the growth and development of food co-ops, as well as create community among cooperators.

Visit our Discussion Groups page here: NEEDS LINK!!!

CGN Resource Library

CGN provides an area for CGN members to share information, ideas, and resources. These password-protected pages are accessible only to CGN members to protect the proprietary interests of co-ops and to ensure that materials are being shared exclusively with other cooperative organizations and CGN members.

  • Documents—featuring over 2,000 sample forms, articles, training materials, policy manuals, brochures, and other items.
  • Deli recipe exchange—with over 600 deli recipes in 18 categories.
  • Basic retail operations manual—materials covering all aspects of food co-op operations developed by the University of Wisconsin Urban Cooperative Initiative.
  • Photo gallery—with exhibits illustrating merchandising, displays, equipment, store tours,and other items of interest.
  • Livable Wage model—developed by CGN to help co-ops calculate the livable wage for their communities and what rate would need to be paid in wages by the co-op after factoring in key employee benefits.

General web pages and information

These pages provide general information of interest or value to all food co-ops and are open to anyone:

  • How to Start a Food Co-op manual
  • Links of special interest to food co-ops
  • News items featuring food co-ops
  • Job openings in co-ops
  • Videos
  • CCMA (Consumer Cooperative Management Association) information
  • NCGA Toolbox manuals [purpose]
  • Information for directors of food co-ops
  • Other general information