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Cooperative Grocer is a bi-monthly trade magazine for food cooperatives in North America. Published since 1985 and edited by Dave Gutknecht since its founding, Cooperative Grocer is owned by the Cooperative Grocer Network (CGN) and published by contract with CGN in print and web versions by Triangle Park Creative of Minneapolis.

At Cooperative Grocer, our mission is to improve professionalism and mutual education among food cooperative directors, managers and staff, and key allies of food cooperatives. We aim to be a voice of practitioners, the people and organizations that are doing the work of governing and operating excellent food co-ops. The emphasis of Cooperative Grocer is on how to learn from others about improving co-op store operations and governance.

The context for all this is, first, the fruit of decades of experience in cooperative enterprise and the challenges of realizing cooperative principles and values in capital and services. Secondly, for the past few decades and now a common topic of policy and debate, we have growing recognition of the need for a more healthful, trustworthy, and transparent food supply, and food co-ops have been in the leadership of responding to those needs.

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